This was the hardest adventure I have ever done even after riding solo for two months in the Amazon, you can read all the details here: Russia

I always had in mind that Morocco was the Sahara desert. I was definitely wrong, you can check it out hereĀ Morocco Tour.

This is my story, you can read it by clicking on the following link: Moto Aventura Tour of the Americas.

Here is my second trip, my ‘Amazonia Adventure’ but I should really call it a challenge!! Click here: Amazonia.

My third trip; Venice, Slovania, Croatia, Bosnia & Montenegro. My first experience riding through these countries was more then I expected. Click the link to read about this amazing trip: Croatia.

My trip was to Russia, an amazing trip, not quite what I had in mind, you can read about it here : Russia Low.

Enjoy these following links!

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